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MOM Collective: Members

Elin McCready: Department of English, Aoyama Gakuin University (linguistics/philosophy/AI/feminism/environmental humanities) 

Midori Morita: artist/curator (fiber art/installation art) 

Elis Ottosson: artist (fiber art)


McCready is a professor of linguistics and philosophy at Aoyama Gakuin University and has been working on projects related to social issues for several years. In 2019 she organized an exhibition on issues related to futurism and ethical issues in AI, which was partly funded by the Tokyo Arts Council.  

 Morita began working as a fiber artist in 1990 and has shown her work in many solo and group exhibitions within Japan and overseas as well as curating exhibitions and organizing events. After becoming a mother, she began to look more closely at social issues and for several years she has annually exhibited work in Korea relating to postwar relations with Japan. 

Ottosson is a fibernerd from Öckerö, Sweden, currently based in Berlin. His work focuses on prehistoric textile techniques and material explorations through local plant matter.

The three MOM members comprise a nonnormative family unit. Ottosson and McCready are partners since 2019. McCready and Morita have been married for 20 years, but their marriage in a complicated legal situation in Japan due to McCready's gender transition, since Japan does not currently recognize same-sex marriage. Subsequently McCready and Morita have filed a lawsuit against the Japanese government, which is ongoing. More information about McCready and Morita's marriage situation can be found at the link to their lawsuit Gofundme below.



what is a family?


What is MOM?

MOM is an art collective which produces work on themes of normative (heterosexual, monogamous families with children) and non-normative (other) family structures. It involves three people: Elin McCready, Midori Morita, a Tokyo-based textile artist and curator, and Elis Ottosson, a textile artist based at Gothenburg University. McCready, Morita and Ottosson comprise a family unit: McCready and Morita are married, and McCready and Ottosson are partners.

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